Everyone knows that the Mona Lisa is a small painting.

It’s one of the things that surprise ( and disappoints) people the most when they have queued up for ages to get into the Louvre in Paris to see this iconic work of art.
As you can see from this picture , it looks tiny on the wall, and with the crowds, its quite difficult to get a full appreciation of the work.
In reality, the Mona Lisa is 760mm tall so in a modern house, over a twin seater couch it will look like this. Not that small!
 ( it’s really the wrong shape to hang by itself on that wall, but if you had the Mona Lisa hanging in your home, you could do what you like ! ) 
The context is that in the Louvre, the rooms are so huge, that the artwork has to be a similar scale to look right. 
 The largest painting in the Louvre is the The Wedding Feast at Cana  which is 6.77m × 9.94m - that is bigger than my studio! In our modern homes, you wouldn’t be able to get something like that through the front door.
Hanging any sort of art on your wall is all about context. it depends on the artwork, and it depends on the wall. If you get the balance wrong, the whole room will look out of kilter. Pick an artwork that is too small or too big and the room, and everything in, it will be out of balance.
One of the services that we offer is to be able to show you your portraits, scaled to size and displayed on your own walls so that you can get a very clear idea of how the finished artwork will look when it is hanging on your wall. We will show you how to use your phone to capture a photograph of your wall, and with just one easy measurement we can do the rest. If we are shooting your portrait at home, its even easier - we will do it for you!
 We consider it part of our job to ensure that whatever you choose to go on your wall looks as good as possible.
 Being able to see exactly how your portraits are going to look on your walls will make sure that your artwork fits your room perfectly.