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When Nicole came to see me about a family portrait shoot, it became obvious that we should do the shoot on the farm. Photographing Jono and their two boys Campbell and William in the studio didn't make any sense at all. They were farm boys and we needed to capture them in their element. We had so many options, the cubby house, a wonderful old tree, a rustic farm gate and a shearing shed gave us so many options for locations and backgrounds, and the boys didn't get sick of having the picture taken in the same spot. There was a bit of resistance at the start of the shoot, but that is quite normal. The one thing that I can offer in situations like this is time. Time for everyone to relax, and get used to the fact that I an there, and that I am taking pictures, and eventually we get what we need.

Nicole was delighted with the pictures that we did for her and sent us a really nice email thanking us, along with a picture of their family portraits up on the wall. We really love hearing that we have happy customers out there!

"We were given the opportunity to have family photos done my Philip and I got to pick them up yesterday! Saying they are perfect and more than what I expected is an understatement, I couldn’t be more happy and thankful to Philip for capturing such precious moments of my family! Thanks again "  

Nicole Towns


 We normally don't work on a Sunday, but we had a call from Nicole’s Mum to say that her son was returning home after serving in Afghanistan, that everyone would be in Launceston for one day only,  and asking if would we be able to do a family portrait. The answer, of course, was yes! Getting the whole family together is always the hardest thing to do, especially when they live in different States, and that fact that one of her kids has been away serving his country,  and had returned safely meant that this was the perfect time to capture this family celebration. That shoot is coming up in a weeks time, so hopefully the weather will be kind to us, either way, we will make sure that we get some images that capture the love, happiness, and emotion of the day

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