Having made it to the dizzy heights of Grand Master of Photography, people seem to think that I might know a thing or two about the medium! I tend to bumble on in my own ego centric world, photographing the things that catch my attention, and then,  like a little kid, I want to show everybody what I have done :-)

Hopefully I can explain what and why I do in a way that will help you on your own journey of discovery and excitment. Photography is still the best thing that I do!!

Photo Tips -Neutral Density Filters

Photo Tips -Neutral Density Filters

Photography Tips -Neutral Density Filters

We all love those magic hours just around sunrise and sunset. Thats when the light is at its most amazing and everything looks great. But what about when the light isn't fantastic? In the middle of the day, you can do other stuff, or have a nap, but if like me, you want to keep taking pictures than a neutural density filter may be just the thing.  The basic job of a ND filters is to cut down the amount of light reaching your sensor without affecting the colour, and they come in various densities. The one I use the most is a 400x filter which cuts around 10 stops of light and allows you to use very low shutterspeeds.

less light entering your lens means that you need a longer shutter speed and so as a consequence, you can make images like this, the water moves during the exposure to give that soft dreamlike quality

Of course you will need a sturdy tripod so that the rest of the image remains sharp, and it also helps to make sure that there is no extraneous light entering through the eye piece 


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