This blog is mainly about photography , but fishing and wine may make an appearance every now and again. I shoot a variety of different subjects, a lot of black and white family portraits, but I got into photography because I love it and have managed to maintain the love, while making it my business, so I have the best of both worlds! 20 years ago we chose to move to Tasmania, the beautiful Island State where the weather is just right for me and scenery is a landscape photographers dream.I love to travel, so some of the images will be from the rest of the world, but without doubt, one of the best things about traveling the world is that first lungful of fresh air as you step off the plane back in Tassie. Those of you who live in Tasmania will know what I mean! the rest of you should really come and visit. Hope you like the images on this blog, feel free to ask a question, make a comment, and generally let me know what you want to see. Let's talk!

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pictures from ages ago


this is a sunflower i took this picture and I even painted the background. I had no work then

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Cooked on the coals



Cooked on the coals and eaten with our fingers washed down with a couple of ice cold gin and tonics :-)

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