“Photography is my passion, and for 30 years now I have been lucky enough to do something I love.

Whether it is for my own exhibitions or family portraits, the best thing about being a photographer is that you get invited into some amazing places by amazing people.  Family portraits on one day, cookbooks the next, it is the diversity of the photographic assignments that we undertake
that has kept us at the top of our game for so long.”

Many couples say that they could never work together, but Vicki and Philip have been doing it for over 25 years now, since they started their photography studio in Launceston, Tasmania.  Their personalities and talents complement each other perfectly so that everything gets done with great attention to all the little details that matter. Samantha, their daughter is following in her father’s footsteps and has joined the business as a fully accredited professional photographer to share the workload and ensure the smooth running of this busy photographic studio.

Philip Kuruvita


Five times Tasmanian Professional Photographer of the Year, a Fellow of both the Australian and New Zealand Institiutes of Professional Photography, Philip is Tasmania’s only Grand Master of Photography and one of just a handful in Australia, and while it is great to win awards and be recognised for the work that you do, for Philip it is still the thrill of capturing a moment in a way that resonates with people that gets him up in the morning.

“When we go on holidays (and I like going on holidays!) I always have a camera, and I am always looking for images. This conflicts with my other passion which is fishing, and often I am not sure whether to grab my fishing rod or my camera. I usually end up with both, weighed down and conflicted, but happy!! ”

Vicki Kuruvita

Designer/Studio Manager

Born in Albury NSW, Vicki moved to Sydney to study and pursue a career as a hospital specialist architect - a career that eventually brought her to Launceston as a site architect on the Launceston General Hospital. We were meant to be in Launceston for 18 months - that was over 28 years ago!!

As studio manager, and designer, Vicki oversees the smooth running of the studio, and looks after all the design work that comes in, from album and book designs to commercial layouts and design panels. Generally it doesn’t take people long to come to the conclusion that Vicki does all the work and that Philip is just the primadonna artist!

Apart from running the studio and keeping Philip under control, Vicki is best friend to Chilli, a staffy/kelpie cross who hangs on her every word and is always available for walks.

Samantha Kuruvita

Photographer/Studio Assistant

Sam swore black and blue that she would never be a photographer, but somehow she still ended up here.

Samantha graduated from Deakin University in 2012 with a Bachelor of Film and Digital Media with Distinction majoring in film and photography and has worked within the photographic industry for the past 8 years in Victoria. Samantha specialised in printing for some of the countries top photographers, as well as customer service and assisting, all while building her own boutique photography business.

At Philip Kuruvita Photography, Samantha does a bit of everything, from shooting portraits and headshots, customer service, studio management as well as making copious cups of tea. Samantha is head of “client happiness” and it’s her job to make sure you have a fabulous experience with us.